• Provide virtual services using latest apps, but are located in the U.S. and all work is done in the U.S.
  • Offer fixed monthly pricing for bookkeeping and tax preparation, so no surprises on billing.
  • Provide tax planning, which is included with the set up at no additional cost.

Plans & Pricing

All plans include: (1) tax consulting and (2) monthly bookkeeping.



from $1752/month


from $350/month


from $850/month

Clean Up / Other

from $75/hour
Services (2hrs/mo) (4hrs/mo) (12hrs/mo)  
Expert Bookkeeping Team
Quarterly Reconciliations
Monthly Reconciliations
Weekly Reconciliations
Prepared Financial Statements
Bill Pay Service (twice a month)
Accounts Receivable Management
*Basic Payroll
**Complete Payroll
Sales Tax Reporting
1099 Preparation (up to 5)
1099 Preparation (up to 20)
Tax Preparation (1 Business)

*Basic Payroll includes payroll for up to 5 employees paid either once or twice a month and filing of payroll reports
**Complete Payroll includes payroll for 5 to 15 employees and filing of payroll reports. Can include weekly payroll.

Pick the plan that works for you.

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We assign a senior bookkeeper to manage the interaction and oversee each client engagement.  The senior bookkeeper works with the client to develop a customized plan and calendar to streamline and automate the items that need to happen in the background. This includes setting up third party applications, which are included in the our costs.  We then work with the client on implementing the plan and, each day, week, month, or quarter, we execute on the plan, allowing the client to focus more on growing their business rather than their back office function.

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